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Real Estate Service means getting, developing, handling, maintaining, protecting, legally undertaking and taking charge of such various duties and services in relation to the Real Estate Assets in each instance as may be required in accordance with the contract (including, without limitation, any provision of the contract governing the relationship between the parties relating to any agreement between the parties relating to any sale or transfer of the Real Estate Assets) in each instance as may be required in accordance with the provisions of the Real Estate Services Agreement. Each such term, word, phrase or clause of the Real Estate Services Agreement is referred to herein for the purpose of clarity. "Real Estate Service" also includes but is not limited to performing the functions of an attorney in the performance of his duties on behalf of the franchisor or seller. Each Del Mar real estate Franchisor and/or Seller hereby acknowledges and expressly agrees that he will be held personally liable for any act or thing done by him in the performance of the Real Estate Services Agreement if it should occur on the premises under the custody of any franchisee or sub-contractor and any injury or damage to any property or injury to an individual whether physically or mentally caused by the doing of such act or thing. And further each such franchisee and/or sub-contractor hereby agree and hereby assume and are bound that he will not bring or cause to be brought to pass any claim or cause to be filed any action or bring any action against any third party or his principal or any of their respective franchisees or suppliers or any agent or attorney for any injury to any person caused by the performance of the Real Estate Services Agreement or any claim made by any individual on his behalf or by any person in his behalf or on his behalf or in his interest, in any case such injury or damage or cause of action arising out of the Real Estate Services Agreement shall be exclusively the sole remedy available and effected by the competent court having appropriate jurisdiction and power in the same matter. To get the best Pacific Beach homes for sale, check out this page.

It is also important to understand the limitations of the agreement as there can be variations in contracts between the seller and the listing agent. The limitation could be in the type of damages the seller would be responsible for, the type of obligations they would be obligated to accept and to compensate and the manner in which they are to liquidate their interests in the Real Estate Service Agreement. In addition it may also be the case where a seller or a listing agent fails to comply with their duties under the contract or fails to take reasonable steps to rectify the breach. In such situations such party may bring an action or claim under the Real Estate Service Agreement and it is important that the same are settled properly and in the prescribed time period as provided in the contract. Check out more details related to this post at

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